DDODDOMAM Organic Kids Seaweed 20g (10m+)* BEST BUY
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For 10 months old and above

Savor seaweed the original way!

  • Organic and HACCP certified.
  • 100% organic Korean seaweed.
  • Premium grade seaweed without any fishy taste.
  • Naturally delicious without any seasoning.
  • Conveniently packed with resealable zip lock bag.
  • Perfect size to bring along as shopping, dining or traveling snacks.

Ingredients: Organic Korean Seaweed 100%

Storage: Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity, keep in cool dry place. Even within expiry date, once opened, please consume as soon as possible.

How to enjoy DDODDOMAM Seaweed?

1. Squeezy Seaweed Onigiri

Crush DDODDOMAM Organic Kids Seaweed into small bite-size pieces and mix with warm rice and other ingredients such as ground anchovies to make onigiri rice ball for children!

2. Warm Seaweed Soup

Create a nutritious seaweed soup by adding crushed DDODDOMAM Organic Kids Seaweed into anchovy broth and boil it with vegetable.

3. Rolled Egg Roll

Grease a frying pan with oil, spread a thin layer of lightly beaten egg, add DDODDOMAM Organic Kids Seaweed on top and voila - a seaweed egg roll is ready!

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