Asian Parenting Today - Malay edition *Informative Book* BEST BUY
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Asian Parenting Today - Malay edition *Informative Book* BEST BUY
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Asian Parenting Today was borne from numerous requests by parents with whom the authors - Jennifer Hor, Ho Ai Ling and Jocelyn Oo have worked with over the past decade to publish a book that specifically addresses the issues and concerns of Asian parents today.

Asian parents today are often faced with the quandary of either subscribing to western practices or following the traditional customs of their mothers and grandmothers before them. This book addresses many of the very common childcare issues that parents today face, with special emphasis on and respect to Asian cultural beliefs and practices.

More than just an indispensable parenting compendium for modern parents in the first year of baby's life, Asian Parenting Today also provides real-life questions and practical, realistic solutions for new parents to help make their parenting experience an enjoyable, stress free one.

363 pages

About the authors:

Jennifer, Ai Ling and Jocelyn are UK trained registered nurses and midwives who have extensive experience in nursing and midwifery in UK, Australia and Malaysia. With more than 2 decades each of experience in the field, Jennifer, Ai Ling and Jocelyn are respected practitioners who specialise in the provision of parent craft education. Their portfolio includes childbirth preparation and advice on early parenting skills. They also specialise in and support breastfeeding mothers and provide advice to parents on issues ranging from women's health to early child health and wellbeing.

Some of the topics/FAQs covered in the book:

- Is it true that putting baby to sleep in a sarong will give her a nice round head when she grows up
- Is it safe to touch or comb baby's head
- Is it true that 'wind' can enter baby's body via the fontanelles Shall we apply medicated oil
- Does startling mean that my baby has had a fright
- Is it normal that my baby passes gas very often

and many more interesting topics...

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