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Crispy rice, Mama Cooks brand, is made from organic peach rice that has been certified to international standards. with added nutrients from multivitamins which is useful in the growth of the baby
No artificial colors and fragrances Through the baking, not frying, the texture is light and crispy. Dissolves easily in the mouth to improve chewing and handling thanks to its ergonomic size and shape.


Organic Crispy Rice, Peach Flavor, Mama Cooks brand, can be eaten from 6+ months.

Rich in nutrients, iron, calcium, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2

Gluten free

No added sugar or salt

No color and preservatives, no flavoring, no MSG.

Hygienic standards of FDA, HALAL, GMP, HACCP, USDA ORGANIC, BRC

Can be stored for 16 months from the date of manufacture in case it has not been opened.

In case the sachet has been opened, it should be consumed within 12 hours.

Size 40 grams (4 sachets*10 grams)

Ma's Crispy Rice Crackers are divided into sachets, 1 sachet per 1 meal, easy to carry.

Mama Cooks Crispy Rice is a snack that is useful for children. because we have added a multivitamin Which is rich in iron, calcium, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2

Fragrant, crispy, delicious, taste from natural ingredients

Enjoy chewing, melt in your mouth

Help train children to eat by themselves and increase the development of handling. with a shape that fits in the hand

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