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Smart Towel is a smart choice for smart moms. Each pack consists of three items : a multi-use bath towel, multi-use bib and washcloth. All are made of 100% cotton with unique and smart designs to ensure comfort and versatility. It s a new generation towel that makes your life much more easier and fun!

Product Features and Benefits :

Multi-use Bath Towel

  • A unique 4-in-1 apron, towel, bathrobe for infants-toddlers and swaddler for infants. It transforms bath time with your children into a more relaxing, safe and fun experience.
  • Wear multi-use bath towel as an apron while you bathing your baby. It frees up your hands to tend to your baby. You can focus on your child and prevent accidents. No more worries as to where you can place or how to hold the towel as it is there ready for use anytime when you need it since it s on YOU.
  • You can carry your child directly from the tub to you without getting wet. As a towel, its high quality 100% cotton terry cloth material effectively absorbs water quickly while remaining soft and gentle to your child s skin.
  • As a bathrobe, its cute hooded bathrobe character is adorable, soft and able to absorb all the wetness. Your child will be cuter than ever!
  • Keep your child happy, warm, safe while helping you to take care of your little ones.


Remember, it is NOT meant to be used as a sleepwear but instead to keep babies warm for a short period of time after their bath. Babies should NEVER be left unattended when wearing multi-use bath towel.


Multi-use Bib

  • The new multi-use over the shoulder mini towel keeps your kid and furniture dry from wet hair and stains. Multi-use bib is simply functional and easy to use.
  • Made of 100% soft cotton terry which absorbs water quickly and keeps your back and shoulders dry. While wet hair dries, clothing and furniture stay protected.
  • Closes around the neck simply with snaps and stays put. There is no need to keep holding on a towel on your child s shoulder while brushing her hair. Compact and lightweight, thus it is perfect for travelling or visiting to the pool.
  • Kids can use them as protective bibs when brushing their teeth to prevent themselves from getting wet to avoid the need to change pyjamas before bed. It can also be used to dry their little hands and/or faces. It s also great for mum to use as a protective shield while applying her make up or hair products.



  • Unique design for any wash, dry or wipe. It is light, soft and functional for both of you and your baby.


Washing care:

SmartTowel is made of 100% cotton. Care instructions as follows:

  • wash first before used
  • wash with cold water
  • use no bleach
  • tumble dry low
  • iron if desired
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