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Quinton Dream2Gether Co-Sleeping Crib
Price RM499.00 - RM519.00 RM859.00 - RM879.00
Product SKU QLT1019
Brand Quinton
Size (L x W x H) 48 cm x 14 cm x 92 cm
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Cherishing Dreams and Smiles: Introducing Our Latest Quinton Dream2gether Co-Sleeping Crib with Love and Innovation !!


Where Sweet Dream Begin: Unveiling the Perfect Baby Cot for Peaceful Sleeping


Classic, stylish & modern at the same time


Discover the Features of Our Innovative Baby Crib


Effortlessly Adjust to 3 Heights

offering convenience and comfort throughout their growth journey


Revolutionizing Comfort with our Anti-Reflux Design


Minimizing the discomfort and pain associated with reflux.


Solid and sturdy construction


Guarantees a product that can withstand the tests of time, offering a long-lasting solution.


Effortless Movement with Four Lockable Wheels


Easily move from room to room, adapting to your needs and environment.


Comfort and Luxurious Bamboo Mattress


Enhanced sleeping experience that feels indulgent and relaxing.


Removable Side Rails for Seamless Transition to Toddler Bed


Allow you to sleep closely side by side without sharing a bed


Double and soft mesh window


Enhanced ventilation and allow for better airflow


Removable Mosquito Net


Provides effective insect protection while allowing for fresh air and versatility.


Adorable animal toy bar


Contributing to their development, entertainment, and comfort


Easy washable Padding


Able to remove stains promptly prevents permanent damage and keeps items looking fresh.


Large Storage Space offering an extra layer of privacy and protection


Available in Forest Green, Silver Grey and Starry Black

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