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OCA - Water Pillow *Baby* (13.5'' x 8'') (FOC Hot&ColdPack worth RM39.90)
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OCA Baby Water Pillow is designed to provide your baby with the most comfortable,advanced sleep surface available today.Hospital studies have shown that babies sleep better and gain weight more quickly when a water pillow is used instead of a regular stuffed pillow.The water pillow gently shapes itself around the entire back of the head and gives the child ideal conditions for a sound and natural sleep.It is particularly important for small children to sleep soundlessly,as this is the time when the impressions from the experiences of the day deepens in a child's awareness.



  • Provides better development of baby's head and brain
  • More cooling for baby's head and reduces heatiness and chances of fever
  • 100% effective in preventing bacteria and dust mites away
  • Improves quality of baby's sleep
  • Less pressure on the circulatory system and sofer bones of the head
  • Pillow can be cleaned effortlessly and dries quickly


Protest against counter positioning
To avoid frustration due to counter positioning and also effectively help baby to round out flat spot, OCA Baby Water Pillow provides the best solution.It is very commmon that many babies are recalcitrant to repositioning (sleep on the rounder side).This is because babies accustomed to sleep position in the first 3 months of life and do not easily accept the change of sleep poistion after that period.


Especially useful for babies :

  • who resist repositioning (Or conter positioning)
  • who have higher risk factors
  • with reducted mobility due to surgery or hospitalisation
  • for pressure relief during sleep


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