Hanil - UV Sterilizer
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Hanil - UV Sterilizer
Price RM1,169.00 RM1,299.00
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Brand Hanil
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Hanil UV Sterilizer is now in Malaysia to bring convenience and peace of mind to you! With its dual Osram (Italy) UV lamps, the Hanil UV Sterilizer eliminates 99.9% of household bacterias while the patented 3M HEPA Filter blocks up to 99.97 % of air borne dust and particles, keeping your family safe at the touch of a button.  

With its Dr. Fischer (France) Infrared lamp, the Hanil UV Sterilizer also dries and acts as a storage unit.  With its sleek and intelligent design, the Hanil UV Sterilizer reduces clutter and saves space on your kitchen counter while still having ample room to sterilize 9 baby bottles and accessories at a go.


More than just bottles

Hanil UV Sterilizer

We all know that babies have their favourite "playthings" be it their soft toys, their pacifiers, your mobile phone or that remote control which just happens to be lying within reach (and so much more). As no steam or high heat is used during the sterilization process, the Hanil UV Sterilizer can be used to sterilize most household items (even electronics). More than just bottles, it can also be used for other purposes around the house such as sterilizing toothbrushes, home medical supplies, personal grooming accessories, kitchen utensils and so much more.



Hanil UV Sterilizer

Designed to make your life easier, the Hanil UV Sterilizer performs a complete drying and sterilization cycle at the touch of a single button.  Just wash, fling off excess water and load.  Hit the Auto button and the cycle is done in 40 minutes.  Once done, you're ready for the next feed.

It's that easy.


Your Safety in Mind

Hanil UV Sterilizer

The Hanil UV Sterilizer is designed with the safety of you and your little one in mind.  Unlike traditional sterilizers, sterilization is done via UV light while drying is done via the efficient low heat DR FISCHER infrared lamp to minimize risk of burns.  

Additionally an enhanced safety feature, the intelligent design provides an automated cut-off for all functions in the event the door of the Hanil UV Sterilizer is opened.  


Built In Convenience

Hanil UV Sterilizer

Compact and front load design saves space on your counter top. No need to worry about appliances on either side.The door also acts as a built in prep space!

Spacious interior fits 9 bottles (and more) in a single load to make sure you're always ready for the next round of feeding.

And when you're done, just keep the bottles in the Hanil UV Sterilizer and the Storage function will make sure you have full confidence that the bottles are kept sterilized and ready for use.

Hassle Free & Easy to Maintain

Hanil UV Sterilizer

No water.  No descaling. No mess.  The no water sterilization process also minimalizes the risk of mold build up.

Just wipe down with a damp cloth when needed. Replace lamps and filter once a year. It's that simple. 



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