Philips Avent - Silicone Teats
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Philips Avent - Silicone Teats
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Avent - Silicone Teats

The AVENT Teat - nearer to natural feeding

A unique patented skirt system, with a one-way air valve at its base, flexes to allow air into the bottle, replacing the milk at your baby's own suckling rhythm and eliminating the vacuum. Your baby can feed continuously as at the breast, without having to 'come up for air'. The whistling sound you hear is your guarantee that air is going into the bottle and not into your baby's tummy. It's the air babies swallow during feeding that can cause the discomfort, crying and fussing associated with colic.

Clinically proven to reduce colic in the newborn, more pictures when you enlarge.

Tips on choosing the right teat for your baby

Teats are numbered on the side to indicate flow rate, so choose the AVENT Teat based on the number to select the right flow rate for your baby.


Silicone Teat (1) - Newborn One hole, suitable for newborn and breast fed babies
Silicone Teat (2) - Slow Flow Two holes, suitable for 1 month+ and breast fed babies
Silicone Teat (3) - Medium Flow Three holes, recommended for babies 3 months and older
Silicone Teat (4) - Fast Flow Four holes, recommended for babies 6 months and older
Silicone Teat Variable - Variable One slot instead of holes, recommended for babies 3 months and older.
By turning the bottle and aligning the position marker at the side of the teat with the baby's nose you can vary the flow to suit your baby's needs.




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