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Autumnz - Reusable Breast Relief Thermo Pads *BPA free* (2 pcs)
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Brand Autumnz
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Autumnz Reusable Breast Relief Thermo Pads helps to stimulate flow of breastmilkwhen used warm and helps to soothe sore or engorged breasts when used cold.



~ 2-in-1 cold and warm use - ease discomfort and stimulate milk respectively

~ Contoured to fit most breast sizes - comfortable and offer natural fit when placed on breasts. Can be worn comfortably with a nursing bra.

~ Generous sizing - offers full coverage for instant relieve

~ Toxic free and safe to use - can be cleaned making them hygienic for repeated use

~ Easy to heat and cool


Content: 2 pcs of thermopads

Measurement : 17cm (diameter)

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